In Ethiopia, the government has heavily emphasised the need to transform the education system. The number of female drop-outs is high, especially in the transition from primary to secondary education. For every 100 boys enrolled in secondary education, there are approximately only 77 girls. By facilitating for different needs, RTP can educate through play-based learning, in positive environments.

Its not about changing the things that work, but adapting it to enhance equality, and building a foundation where everyone, at all times, can participate. RTP work in close collaboration with civil society actors, national and local education authorities, and teachers from target schools will receive continuous professional development designed to transform the way they interact with their students. The result being a transformation of the school into a child- friendly positive learning environment.

We support Right to play because we have an immense belief in the education structure that RTP has developed. By building social skills, and confidence through teamwork and play, the children are provided with valuable resources. Every little helps 🙂 VIPPS til 95266. – Rowegians.



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