December 18, 2017 oliviabolesworth


We are happy to inform you that we had our very first call with the girls today.   (DAY-5)

They are all in a great mood and the spirits are high.

We talked to Camilla and Cornelia, which as usual talked “på innpust og utpust”.  Hege and Sophie are busy rowing.

The first day all four had experienced quite bad sea-sickness, and therefore only managed to have 50% efficient rowing time  However, that passed quickly.

Day-2 they had quite a lot of head winds and were a little demotivated, Day-3 the winds turned and the spirits with it 🤸‍♀️

During the last night they experienced some big waves and they were all a little freaked out, but by the sound of their voice and the enthusiasm today, it didn’t scare them too much!

The blisters have announced their arrival and are probably not planning on leaving any time soon.

In regard to animals they have seen…. dolphins, turtles and gorgeous phosphorescence!

All of you can follow the girls using the Yellow Brick app or look at this site:

As of today; The Rowegians are in 8th place (in “All Teams”), currently at a pace of 3,2 knots – they have had an average pace of 2,0 knots the last 24 hours.

They have left behind 226 NM – with 2380 NM to go.

We will continue to have frequent contact with all four girls!

If you have any questions you can contact us (Victoria and Viola) at