January 8, 2018 oliviabolesworth


“In a week from now the first boats may be in but there are weeks of adventure still to come!…

The feeling across the whole fleet is probably the most upbeat that it has been so far. A combination of good conditions and real progress for even the slowest crews has lifted spirits!

10 crews have less than 1000nm to go with another 3 due to be past that milestone within 24 hours. 1200nm now separates the lead crew, 4 Oarsmen, from the last crew, Atlantic Ladies!….. The Rowegians are making more south to capitalise on the strong easterlies. They are in good health and upbeat.”

When we had the chance to chat to the girls this weekend…

They were of course all chattering away, and spirits were very high. They are experiencing sleep deprivation, however, it’s not too bad – and they are trying to cure it by listening to old ballad songs during the night shifts. 

Food-wise – All the candy they have consumed over the last three, almost four weeks is making up for all the rowing. They are getting a bit tired of all the dried food, but are learning to be creative… a mix between spaghetti bolognese and macaroni cheese is the new hit. “It’s weird how things taste a lot better when at sea.”

Minor power issues is the only problem they have experienced . Of course massive waves daily, and Cornelia had a pretty nasty blister on her little toe full which needed some attention. Hygiene is important and something they have to focus on every single day.We gave them some gossip from home – everything from Northug, Tour-de-Ski, to whom is getting pregnant here. They LOVED it – so please, if any of you have any juice you want to share with them, reply to us here 
The girls are working hard but also trying to enjoy the experience and the last 790 NM, so it seems the competition between them and Kung Fu Cha Cha has sub-sided a little!
They are extremely grateful for all the support! 
/Victoria & Viola