December 23, 2017 oliviabolesworth


DAY 10 – We have spoken to the girls again!… and all is well 🙂
Firstly – we have the possibility to send them a Christmas mail tomorrow (fingers crossed they are able to receive) – since they do not have signal for a long time etc – we think the best way is to write one mail with everyone’s individual messages within.
Therefore if you have anything you want to share with the girls – good news or just well wishes – please feel free to send individual mail by replying to this mail. 
Secondly – update on the girls!  
Yesterday they passed their second milestone – 500 NM💃

All girls are happy, still friends and are getting in to a decent routine. No sea-sickness anymore, but blisters and sore buts are still something they have to deal with. Also they are actually experiencing being cold during the nights, luckily they brought wool. 🐑🤗

They even managed to have a “”house cleaning day”” yesterday too – haha!

We all know these girls are quite competitive, and we’ll let you know nothing has changed! The first thing they ask is: ‘What number are we?’, ‘How far away are the others?’, ‘Really – Did they do 90 NM?’ mumbling and chattering with the others

‘Ok, what about Kung Fu Cha Cha?’ 😂😂🚣🚣

Spirits are high and they feel good – time passes by fast and they hope that’ll continue…

What out tomorrow for a Christmas greetings from the girls 🎅🤗